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Spiders can be very dangerous and one should be proficient in seeking to remove the spiders at the earliest. Professional exterminators, who are skilled in the removal of spiders, can help you to get rid of the spiders that have infested your home.

We, at Woodstock Pest, are skilled and equipped to perform the necessary action.


There are a large number of species of spiders found in Canada. Even though these spiders are considered to be poisonous, they are mostly harmless. With the exception of the brown recluse spider and the black widow, the other species of spiders do not cause any harm. However, the sight of a spider in your home is sure to scare you to a greater degree. Different people have different reactions to the spider bites and one needs to be extremely careful and watch out for any symptoms of a possible infection.


The damage from a spider bite includes redness and itching in the milder cases. However, they can be more serious in case of bites from the black widow spider. The bites are also known to be very painful. The venom can cause muscle spasms, nausea, vomiting as well as anemia. In very rare cases, there have also been kidney failures and death.


We have a team of licensed and insured experts who specialize in the removal of spiders. As a reputed exterminator of spiders, we pride ourselves in using safe and effective treatments for spider removal. As soon as we are contacted, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and find out the source of the problem. Once we have figured out the same, we will move ahead with the elimination of the spiders from your home and your property.