Ant Removal Service Woodstock | Woodstock Pest

Ants are social insects that have their respective social structure. There are numerous species of ants available around us and they are known to invade our homes in search of a shelter and food.

Given that there are different species of ants, it is necessary to identify the species before moving ahead with the removal process.


The ants are classified into 3 classes-workers, males and queen. The worker ants are female and they are responsible for undertaking the domestic chores such as collecting food, building a nest and taking care of the young ones. The queens are the ones that occupy a crucial position and they breed with the males and lay eggs.


While ants are not known to be aggressive, they can bite people and leave behind some amount of pain. These ants feed on other insects, nuts, food bits and gatherings, etc. the damage done to your home depends on the type of ant that has infested your home.


We have experienced exterminators who are capable of handling the ant removal process. The procedures undertaken by us involve spraying insecticides. We also undertake inspections to locate the source from where the ants might be infesting your property and take measures to prevent future attacks.