Rat & Mice Control woodstock | Woodstock Pest

Rat & Mice can wreak havoc all over your property if you are not careful to control and eliminate their presence from your home. There are numerous signs that point to the presence of these animals in your home. Crawling or scrambling noises can be heard frequently and droppings can be noticed in different house corners.


Rats and mice will surely multiply at a faster pace once they infest your property and make a home there. You are sure to see burrows all over your yard as well as rat carcasses in your attic or in the garage. Once they have infested your home, the risk of harmful infections and ailments rises significantly due to the threat of contamination in your home, which is why it is extremely important to undertake the extermination process.


The animals, once they invade your home, are known to look for food at every source. If you think that simply eliminating the food sources will allow you to get rid of the rats and mice from your home, that is not the case. One is sure to see a littering of their garbage cans or chewed wires and electrical lines in your home when it is infested by rats and mice.


The control for such animals involves undertaking the service of a professional exterminator who is specialized in the techniques for removal. Our professionals are skilled in the removal process and we have trained individuals who conduct a thorough inspection to find the sources of infestation. We will help you cover all of the cracks and crevices in a manner that allows for the elimination of the animals.