Bed bug Extermination Woodstock | Woodstock Pest

Bed bugs can be persistent and we will be able to handle the removal process by undertaking a series of specialized techniques. While bed bugs were earlier eliminated completely from Canada, these persistent bugs have now become resistant to insecticides sprayed to remove them. These bugs hide under the mattresses and bite people in their sleep. One can be left with bite marks due to the bed bug infestations.

There are numerous types of bed bug treatments available, These include:

Bed bug heat treatment

For the areas that are infested with bed bugs, the best treatment that can be undertaken involves using dry steam or a higher temperature for the removal process. Any cracks or crevices that are found in your rooms, furniture as well as the spare rooms are all treated with steam. This can be an effective treatment for bed bugs at any stage of life. One does not even need to replace their furniture when undertaking this procedure.

Chemical treatment

For effective extermination of bed bugs, one can also go for a chemical treatment procedure. Residual chemicals are applied to deal with any potential resting and breeding ground for the bed bugs. We take responsibility to spray all of the corners of your home to help you get rid of the bed bugs at the earliest.