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Infestations by fleas are a concern for any household. If you have pets in your home, they are likely to be allergic to the fleas present around them. Fleas can lead to a constant itchy feeling that worries the pets.

Given that they have live for a long time, it is necessary to eliminate them at the earliest in order to prevent harmful diseases to penetrate your home environment.


Fleas are known to feed on blood. Fleas are also known to lay eggs in an infected area, thus allowing for them to multiply at the earliest. These insects live longer and as a result cause more harm. While they are tiny in size, they are known to be the carrier for harmful diseases and as such must be eliminated from the household at the earliest.


Apart from being a nuisance all the time, these insects are known to transmit parasites as well, such as tapeworms. If your pet is at a risk of being severely infested, there can be other risks related to it as well. Humans are known to have an allergic reaction to fleas and bugs. These insects transmit diseases from one person to another and therefore are dangerous.


In order to control the fleas in your home, it is necessary to undertake a series of measures. Firstly, one needs to inspect to find out the source of the problem and spray insecticides that are known to help remove fleas. We at Woodstock Pest are focused on flea removal with the help of our experienced and skilled exterminators.